SmartCompany Interviews CEO Nicki Wright

SmartCompany caught up with Australian Skin Clinics CEO Nicki Wright to discover why Australian’s increasing pain thresholds are good for business! SmartCompany is the leading online publication in Australia for free news, information and resources catering to Australia’s entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and business managers.

Here’s a sneak peek to Nicki’s interview with SmartCompany journalist Emma Koehn, or you can read the full interview here.

In the five years since the first Australian Skin Clinics franchise opened, the business has expanded to 27 outlets – and with a number of Ella Rouge Beauty salons soon to be rebranded to Australian Skin Clinics stores, over the next year the number of franchises is tipped to climb to 51. In the past year alone the business has more than tripled its revenue, and was able to jump across to New Zealand after increased customer demand for laser hair removal and injectables contributed to a 2016 turnover of $39.54 million.

For chief executive Nicki Wright, however, the path to a top job in beauty retail wasn’t all that conventional. SmartCompany spoke to her about how to quickly get across the complexities of a brand new industry – and why Australians’ increasing pain thresholds are good for business.

“I’ve always been quite strategic in how I’ve chosen my roles; I was in sales and marketing but I knew that pigeonholing myself in one specific industry wouldn’t give me as many options.

Every role I’ve chosen has given me a range of responsibilities and moving from very different industries let me prove that my skills were transferable – from health and fitness to [local] government jobs.

The big thing from my time in the health and fitness side of things before this was that I was in a not-for-profit organisation. That taught me so much about stakeholder management and working more for the human side of the business.

Working for council taught me a lot about procedures. Probably sometimes there are too many systems. It helped me understand what flexibility within a business was needed…”