Marketing with Australian Skin Clinics

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing with Australian Skin Clinics is promoted through an ongoing multichannel led program which will vary according to local needs.


We currently utilise the following:

  • Print: newspaper and magazine publications, direct mail, brochures, flyers, booklets, newsletters;
  • Online: Website, Social Media (Facebook, WordPress blogs, apps, Youtube), SEO and SEM, EDM, (email database marketing), e-publications;
  • Radio advertising (depending on location);
  • Event sponsorships;
  • Competitions;
  • Retail signage/displays;
  • In-centre promotion; and
  • PR.

National marketing for the brand is managed by the Master Franchise. The core focus is to generate greater brand exposure, awareness and growth across all states and clinics. Ensuring that the longevity of the brand is extended upon and enhanced.

The Right Marketing Mix

Australian Skin Clinics applies consistent brand messaging across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels using a variety of promotional methods to reinforce each other and to achieve maximum impact.

Some channels can include:

Traditional Marketing Channels:
  • Print publications & PR;
  • Radio; and
  • Inbound and outbound calls.
Non Traditional Marketing Channels:
  • Guerrilla marketing;
  • Events; and
  • Digital marketing.
National Advertising | Media 
  • Promotion of the Australian Skin Clinics brand over a range of external advertising mediums.
  • Each is directed to build brand equity, sale promotion and client engagement.
    National coverage can include: Radio, television, supplier cross promotion, print advertising, online directories and public relation platforms.
National Sponsorship | Events

Being a leader within our industry is imperative to our growth and client comfort. Through event exposure, charity sponsorship and industry involvement, we continue to be a recognised figure head for the medi-aesthetic industry.
National coverage: Some state exhibitions and nationally recognised charity event sponsorship.

National Advertising | Digital 

A fundamental part of our brand awareness and daily interaction with clients outside of the clinic is our online presence.

National Direct Marketing
  • Australian Skin Clinics engages with clients on a regular basis through SMS, EDM (Email Direct Marketing) and mail drops.
  • This is a great support service that utilises our extensive database to keep in constant contact with our growing client numbers.